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I Love You Now Until Forever

by Blake Millard & Aly Walsh

I Love You Now Until Forever is written from the heart, motivated by the loss Blake and his family experienced and what he found to be a lack of appropriate children’s literature to help them grieve. It is an adaptation of When I Left by Aly Walsh, whose children were in the same classes as Blake’s children at primary school. The idea was hatched in the schoolyard by Aly, keen for Blake to go away and write a book that was appropriate for the loss of someone special to cancer.

From borrowed beginnings the book took on a creative life of its own, and has been designed as a kind of scrapbook for anyone, be they here or sadly lost, to give to a child as a treasure trove of memories, personal photos and positive messages.

Blake has designed the book using elements that his wife loved, like butterflies, frangipanis, antique gold frames, and of course diamonds. Additionally, the dandelion blowing in the wind has special significance, illustrating the experience of loss and re-birth. Blake has written a book that he and his wife would have loved to create for each of their children, to read and keep forever. He can do it now, and so can anyone else, immortalising treasured memories forever.

Blake’s wish is that anyone, and especially those people who are on a personal journey of their own, can use this book to provide comfort, joy and confidence to the children dearest to their hearts.

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