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Cat Adora

Cat Adora

Cat Adora is an Australian born, qualified Nutritional Therapist, Master Herbalist, Personal Nutrition Adviser, Raw Food Nutritionist, Sports and Exercise Nutritional Adviser, Dive Master and Master Scuba Diver, Dance Instructor and Choreographer, and as if that's not enough, she's sharing her vision for healthy eating with the world in her new book.

When she's not immersed in one of her many passions, you might find her watching programs on international food and culture, one of her huge list of interests, or training hard and competing in weightlifting competitions - she recently won her very first Olympic weightlifting competition!

Apart from her passion for healthy living she is a nature lover, as well as a keen traveler. She takes her inspiration from many different places, including the world’s fascinating cultures and her beloved daughter.

About the book

Adore Your Lifestyle : A healthy eating & lifestyle guide for every BODY

Cat Adora

Adore Your Lifestyle : A healthy eating & lifestyle guide for every BODY is $30.99 plus shipping & handling .

Australian buyers: up to three copies

International buyers: single copies

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Cat Adora has been on an incredible journey.

Her life-changing transformation, losing 42kg in less than 20 weeks following her very own food and exercise programs, is testament to her will power, and her dedication to holistic, healthy lifestyle choices around food and nutrition.

Now you can share in that wisdom and reach towards your own health and wellness goals with the help of Cat’s new book, Adore Your Lifestyle : A healthy eating & lifestyle guide for every BODY.

Cat takes us back to basics with food, and showing you how you can create delicious, nutritionally sound meals and feed your body and soul the goodness they deserve.

In a generation where obesity and general health issues are major concerns, Cat’s story shows that with a bit of care and some great advice, you can be your healthiest, without fuss.

Like she says, eat to live, don’t live to eat!