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Clive Wiseman

Clive Wiseman

Little did Clive Wiseman know, when getting his wife a couple of adorable Korat kittens for her birthday, that they would inspire a series of stories that would see him writing his first collection of children’s tales.

Clive is no stranger to treading new paths and making the most of life though. He turned his hand to car racing at 45, winning a championship not long after, and has always tried to live each day to the fullest.

With wife Moe giving him advice along the way, he has crafted a wonderful collection of stories, hoping to bring a smile to each wee one who flicks through its pages.

About the book

The Adventures of George & Sniffy


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Inspired by the wonders of life, Clive Wiseman found the inspiration for his collection of short, kittenish tales very close to home. George and Sniffy are Thai Korat kittens with a nose for adventure and rather distinct personalities.

Children will love the adventures of these fun felines as they navigate their new world. Beds, baskets, socks, and even toilet paper get the unique ‘George and Sniffy’ treatment as these little furballs learn about their environment, causing havoc and hilarity as they go.

Fun for all the family – not just the cat-friendly – this collection evokes the fun and mischief of growing up, and shows just how like naughty little kittens we can all be!