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Doreen Schwegler BApSc, DipApSc

Doreen’s journey in health began in the early 1980’s, first as a medical scientist, then in 1989 as a newly fledged naturopath. What started as an interest in her own health and her client’s well-being has developed into a busy practice helping people achieve better health and fertility.  She is a firm believer in looking past the symptoms and dealing with the underlying causes of mental and physical ailments.

She has been running private natural therapy practices for over 24 years.  She now operates a multi-disciplinary clinic, All Degrees of Health, which specialises in preventative health, natural fertility management, Bowen Therapy and weight management.  Doreen employs a range of diagnostic tests including Bioimpedence analysis, live blood analysis, genetic profiling, urine and blood testing, and frequently works collaboratively with GPs to provide patients with a holistic approach to their health.

Doreen has a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Diploma in Applied Science, a Diploma of Proficiency Bowen Therapy, and an Advanced Certificate in Natural Fertility Management.

She is a contributor to ‘Smart Business Builders: Smart People-Smart Business’, available on Amazon, and has authored various articles in the health media.

Maintaining a good work-life balance is an important factor in preventative health.  Doreen practises what she preaches and enjoys spending time with her children, bike riding, scuba diving, snow skiing, playing squash, going to the gym, yoga, bushwalking, and boogie boarding.  In her down time she loves to read, scrapbook, and learn new languages (6 studied so far).  She also likes to indulge in the occasional massage, pedicure and idle time cuddling her cat.

Doreen has been married for 23 years and is the proud mother of two children, 21-year-old Emma and 17-year-old John. She lives and works in Essendon, Victoria.

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Complete Health Overhaul
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Doreen Schwegler has been a practicing naturopath since 1989 specialising in fertility management, Bowen Therapy and weight management.  She is a contributor to ‘Smart Business Builders: Smart People-Smart Business’, available on Amazon, and has authored various articles in the health media.

A Guide towards Happiness, Healthy Ageing and Great Sex is an easy to read, one-stop resource on why so many people in modern society are unhappy, unhealthy and sexually disappointed.  It not only explains why so many of us are suffering but provides accessible and practical information on how to turn our lives around. 

The use of complementary medicine is becoming more widespread.  There is a greater awareness in society of the advantages of a wholesome diet, a healthy lifestyle and the positives of minimising the use of chemicals and drugs where possible.  However, there is also a vast amount of conflicting information of varied quality and repute.  For most people, even the experienced professional, this plethora of information can cause confusion and unnecessary angst.

This guide brings together the knowledge and expertise of the author as a naturopath, scientist, researcher and avid reader into a ‘user friendly’ reference for health professionals and all people interested in their own health and well-being.

It provides information on the intricacies and interplay of genetics, lifestyle, emotions and environmental factors, making this book a valuable resource for both natural therapists and people interested in understanding their own health issues and those of their loved ones.

The author aims to stimulate the reader to explore her suggestions for better health, to undertake further reading, and to make well-informed judgments as to how they can best optimise health outcomes.