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Gloria Gallardo-Walker

Gloria holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Ecology, specifically Child and Adolescent Development, from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Rush University in 1999.

Gloria hails from Chicago, but now lives in Australia with her husband and three children; two girls and a boy in between. Gloria continues to expand on her knowledge for child development through courses in occupational theory, pedagogy, and working with children diagnosed with Autism.

In her downtime, Gloria enjoys walking, and loves Skyping with her family in Chicago. She relaxes by having living room campouts with her husband and children to watch movies. She has a passion for writing and her stories are written for and are based on her own children. Her dream is that her published works will leave a legacy for her children.

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Ka-Lunk! is a book for both children and parents that can help make the little “oops” in life seem a lot more bearable. The book was inspired by Gloria’s children and her understanding of their developmental progress as they stumbled their way through early childhood. Gloria is confident her first published work will help new parents and caregivers, as she knows first-hand how the bumps and bruises children seem to accumulate can be a source of stress. The children’s book goes on to include developmental guidelines and play ideas for caregivers and parents, so the whole family can use the book as a source of knowledge, inspiration, and a way to keep-on-moving even after a few falls.

Gloria, a former preschool teacher, who is currently working as an OT as she holds a Master's degree in Occupational therapy, is familiar with the bumps and stumbles children experience as they develop, thanks to her work and family experiences. These stumbles, which Gloria has aptly named "Ka-Lunk" moments, can often seem traumatic for first time parents who worry about the well-being of their child as they clumsily learn about the world around them. The book "Ka-Lunk!" shows the resilience of a child as they continue progressing forward. It also includes the relatives along the way that can provide support to a maturing child. Gloria has combined her experience as a mother and her knowledge and expertise of working with children to craft this rhyming tale perfect for ages five and under.