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Jade Drummond

Jade Drummond

Inspired by her world travels and fond memories of family moments in the kitchen, Jade developed a passion for making food, and the preparation of it, accessible to families everywhere, regardless of allergies or health issues that can make exploring the wonderful flavours of the world a challenge.

Taking her passion to the next level, Jade has put together a fantastic culinary adventure for families to enjoy together, helping others gain the kind of warm memories she has of happy days in the kitchen.

As well as making food for her family and friends, Jade enjoys playing softball, skiing, traveling and wandering through markets, all with her husband David at her side.


About the book

'Cooking with Miss Jade'

Cooking with Miss Jade

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Jade Drummond has a passion for creating wonderful meals and foodie family moments, and her passion has grown into the new cookbook, Cooking with Miss Jade.

This wonderful culinary adventure is designed to help families create their own kitchen memories, even if allergies or health issues seem to get in the way.

From decadent cakes to classic, succulent roasts, Jade has it covered, as well as a few tasty and healthy snacks that will grace any lunchbox with style. Tips on packing school lunches, kitchen essentials and safety tips feature too, making Cooking with Miss Jade an excellent addition to any busy family kitchen.

Taste your way through the pages, creating full tummies, warm glows, and moments the whole family will remember for years to come. Truly, the heart of the home is the kitchen, and when you fill it with love and good food, it only beats stronger.