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Janine Ashley

Janine is the mother of three children and has many years’ experience working with children as a primary school teacher. She has been interested in writing for more than 20 years and has been producing stories for young children for the past ten years.

Currently, she is happily spending more time with her family and teaching on a casual basis, allowing her to devote more time to writing stories for young children.

In her spare time she enjoys yoga, sewing, crocheting, travelling and getting back to nature.

About the book

Congo Rock


Congo Rock

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Congo Rock is the fun, interactive, rhyming story of a rock ‘n’ roll gorilla and his band of chimpanzees.  Each night, the animals in the Congo wake to the sound of the rock ‘n’ roll band: ‘BOOM DIDDY, BOOM DIDDY, BOOM DIDDY, BOOM!’

The animals all join in, dancing and stamping their feet. They dance all night to the rock ‘n’ roll beat. When the sun comes up, the animals hang up their dancing shoes. They head for their beds, where they can sleep the day away until night falls. Then they can, once again, boogie the night away to the sounds of the rock ‘n’ roll gorilla and his wonderful band of chimpanzees.

This book is particularly suitable for younger children in the pre-school and lower primary years. They will love reading along to Congo Rock and they can boogie with the animals too!