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Jessica Skogstad

Jessica Skogstad

As a teacher of English and Media, Jessica Skogstad knows the importance of well-written words and clear, insightful messages. Always looking for books to read to her son that reinforce his already accepting nature, and coming from a wonderfully diverse family herself, Jessica decided to create her own story.

Jessica lists kindness, motivated people, and her family as her biggest inspirations, and when not writing (she also turns her hand to adult and YA fiction), she can be found playing basketball, boxing, or binge-watching her favourite TV shows. She also has a particular affection for Kelly Clarkson, and listens to her not just while writing, but also while living!

About the book

Enid and her Two Mums

Enid and her Two Mums

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Young Enid is on her usual walk to school one day, when she notices that her family looks slightly different to the other families she sees on the street. Enid has two mums, and she begins to wonder just what makes up a normal family. The day brings her many opportunities to see the diverse nature of modern families, and Enid makes a very important discovery along the way – family is love!

The first of Jessica Skogstad’s titles through Aly’s Books, Enid and her Two Mums is a heartwarming story that highlights the diversity of families in our communities, but also the wonderful similarities and unconditional love that these different family configurations contain.