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Jude Perera

Jude Perera

Jude Perera specialised in shorter stories in the past, not thinking he would make the leap to a full-length YA novel. Fast-forward to today, and Jude is set to release ‘The Beast’, a YA novel inspired by childhood, friends, and the books that got his own imagination firing. With the writing gene firmly passed on to him by his father, Jude, an accountant by day, has created something very special.

Jude hopes that he can inspire young people to treasure their childhood years, and hold on to them so that when adulthood arrives, there’s still some of that magic lurking behind all the serious stuff.

About the book

The Beast


The Beast

The Beast is $25.00 plus shipping & handling.

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Four close friends begin a search for the mysterious ‘beast’ in a dark and spooky wilderness, but little do they know that they’ll discover much more about themselves on this beautifully bleak young adult adventure. Love, danger, and the depths of the soul – it’s all here, and all part of this tale of wonder and friendship.

Inspired by the iconic world heritage sit of Horton Plains in beautiful, wild Sri Lanka, Jude Perera has conjured a gripping tale of childhood mystery and legendary beasts that will transport the reader into a magical land of escapism and excitement.