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Judith Kula

Judith Kula

At age eleven, Judith Kula was inspired by her teacher to express herself and hold on to her dreams. After seeing her teacher publish her own book, Judith knew that one day she’d do the same.

Twenty-two years later, thanks to a chance meeting at a library and spurred on by the support of her family, Judith has made her dream a reality.

With the resilient example of her mother and the importance of self-acceptance at heart, Judith has succeeded in reaching her goal, and hopes that her daughter and other children will take hope from her story.

About the book

'Mr Piggy'

Mr Piggy

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Mr Piggy has everything he needs in his brick house in far away Pig Land, so why does he want to get rid of his lovely, curly tail?

He pulls it, he tugs it, and in the end… well you’ll have to read it and see!

With the help of his friends, and a bit of piggy soul-searching, Mr Piggy comes out the other side of his adventure feeling much better, and much piggier.

In the charming tale of a determined pig learning to accept his differences, Judith Kula shares a message of self-acceptance and love, showing kids that they’re wonderful just as they are.

A great way to celebrate diversity and difference, Mr Piggy is a wonderful story for children of all ages that will spread warm fuzzies further than Pig Land.