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Kylie Symons

Kylie Symons

Kylie Symons is a woman on a mission – to do something worthwhile with her writing talents, and give families something they can share and learn from together.

Having spent the last three years working with animal rescue organisation Puppy Tales Rescue, she discovered a love and passion for animal welfare, and learnt firsthand knowledge of what our furry friends sometimes have to go through.

Kylie’s inspiration comes from many places – children being another focus for her. Her work as an educator has seen her admire the innate respect and wonder children hold for the world around them.

Her other great inspiration is her family; husband Brett and their children Isabelle and Lachlan, not forgetting their rescue dog Sweety!

In her spare time she enjoys photography, painting, singing and spending time with her family.

About the book

Help Hope find her Waggy Tail

Help Hope Rescue Her Waggy Tail

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Hope the Great Dane hasn’t had the best of starts. She use to live at a puppy farm and wasn’t cared for as she should have been by the people who she lived with.

During that time, Hope lost her waggy tail. Can you help her find it?

This heart warming story of animal rescue and new hope will be a hit with the whole family. Read along and help Hope find her waggy tail again, and see her find her happiness in a home that treats her with love, care and respect.

This is a great book for animal lovers, with a strong element of respect for our furry friends and a wonderful ending that proves that when hope is strong, anything can happen.