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Kym Murphy

Kym Murphy

Kym lives with her husband in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne with their two pugs, Digger and Marley.  With their four adult children now living their own lives away from home, Kym and Jeff enjoy the peace of being empty-nesters, and the freedom that comes with it.

Kym works full-time in Local Government and has done so for over a decade, in the fascinating areas of Community Development, Community Safety and Emergency Management. In her ‘free’ time she enjoys catching up with her kids, walking, writing, reading, swimming, going to the movies, gardening and travelling.  She is currently preparing for an exciting trip to France and Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago in May this year.

Kym also has a BA in Psychology and Criminology and Post Graduate degree in Psychology, and is studying a Masters in Management.  She worked in the Forensic and Community Health sectors as a Counsellor until her switch to a career in Local Government.

With a wealth of interesting experiences and zest for life, Kym imparts a sweet and accepting feel throughout her work, making her first book a great family read for young and old alike.

About the book

Little Fox and the Red Balloon

Little Fox

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Kym woke up the morning after the unexpected death of her family’s beloved cat, Little Fox, with a story weaving its way through her head and her heart.  So inspired, she wrote it down immediately.  Her first book, Little Fox and the Red Balloon, is that story, and is the first in a series of tales celebrating the spirit of Little Fox.

Little Fox is the mischievous, energetic, and much loved cat of Mama and Papa.  He’s had a few families but this one is his favourite, and he loves nothing more than frolicking in their large garden, pouncing on the unsuspecting Papa, and running up his favourite tree to sit up high and watch the world below.  Then one day a curious red balloon arrives and changes everything.

Little Fox is a story inspired by real-life events and a very special cat, Manfred aka Puma aka Little Fox.  Sadly Little Fox died suddenly, and his spirit is symbolised in the story by the red balloon.  Little Fox left a big hole in the hearts and lives of his owners, Kym and Jeff, and is sure to find a place in yours through the adventures he’ll be embarking on in this story, and many to come.