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Medyhne Lebachen

Medyhne Lebachen

Not only does Medyhne Lebachen strive to help others with her own special brand of spirited positivity, she is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, poet, painter and performance artist!

Bringing her irrepressible enthusiasm to the world of children’s books, Medyhne hopes to help others see the beauty and magic of feeling and emotion, even if things aren’t always feeling great.

Inspired by her love for her children, Medyhne has taken her knowledge and experience of social issues, explored throughout her tertiary education and years working with others from a holistic perspective, to set forth and spread the word – it’s ok to feel!

About the book

Millity Moppitt’s Marvelous Moods

Millity Moppitt’s Marvelous Moods

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Millity Moppitt is a girl with real depth!

Follow along with her as her emotions lead her through her life, with different reactions and situations dotting her day with wonder.

Medyhne Lebachen has crafted a delightful tale of emotion and clarity, covering not just the joys, but the lows too. Her story helps kids tackle their emotions in a positive way, giving them a platform to talk about how they’re feeling.

Our emotions are extremely important in determining the quality of our life, they are the framework through which we view our world, and with emotions we naturally strive to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Millity Moppitt opens herself up to all her feelings, giving kids the courage to embrace all their emotions.

Feel the feels, and read about them too! Millity Moppitt’s Marvelous Moods is a wonderful resource for families and schools alike, to really get those communication lines crackling!