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Uncle Bert

About the book

Uncle Bert’s Diary - Reminiscences and Diary of My War Experience

Written by Herbert Frederick Golding Lefevre
Edited by Michelle Primmer
(Uncle Bert’s Great Niece)

We all have deep respect for the legacy and bravery of Australia’s diggers, but how many of their stories do we truly know? Michelle Primmer, grandniece of Herbert Frederick Golding Lefevre, knows her uncle’s story better than most after spending years transcribing his WW1 diary.

Uncle Bert’s Diary shares a story that must be told, beginning with the day he began service in April 1917 and weaving an incredible story through many countries – Egypt, Italy, France and eventually on to Belgium. We see Bert’s life as a soldier, warts and all, the training, the trenches and the mates who stood by each other through thick and thin.

Michelle Primmer

A keen traveller, scrap-booker and lover of historical fiction, Michelle Primmer has all the elements of someone well placed to delve into the history of WW1. Through the real-life diary of her great uncle, Herbert Frederick Golding Lefevre, that’s just what she’s done.

In a labour of love that has seen her spend years transcribing her Uncle’s diary, Michelle was supported by her family, particularly her father, in bringing the real life experiences within the diary into the spotlight. Her husband, a history buff too, was also a great support, and Michelle kept at it, finally getting to the publication stage with this amazing memoir.

Now that Uncle Bert’s diary is on its way to being published, Michelle may very well release several of his short stories, and if they’re anything like the loyal and true stories of his war experience, they’ll be well worth the read.

Uncle Bert’s Diary

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