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Sophie Trpcevski

Sophie Trpcevski is an experienced and passionate educator, author and motivational speaker. Sophie is also an entrepreneur, coach, and an emotional intelligence leadership and team expert. With a Diploma in Health and Physical Education, a Diploma in Teaching Primary and Early Childhood, alongside a diploma in Executive and Life Coaching, Sophie started her career as a primary teacher. Besides her twenty years of experience in the field of education, Sophie also spent twelve years working in the Health and Fitness industry as both a Fitness instructor and gym manager, putting Aerobics on the map in the early 80’s.

A born entrepreneur starting her first business venture at the age of 10 renting out her collection of Golden books for 5 cents each to the neighbouring kids and then becoming an Avon Lady selling beauty products door to door at the age of 12 under her mum’s name. Her love of financial independence, learning, curiosity in human behaviour and increasing her personal performance and creativity, lead her to experience a number of careers and business ventures in all different areas of life - health and fitness, relationships, wealth and finance, career and personal development, sales and the beauty industry.

Sophie came to a final realisation that empowering others was one of her strongest passions    helping children and adults realise their greatest potential and to better themselves through personal development education. Today Sophie wears many hats: Director of Mindscollective where she leads a team of coaches that use Emotional Intelligence research to help others   improve businesses by developing emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams; Founder of The Teen Personal Excellence Program which assists students in finding their path towards discovering their self and achieving success, and Director of The Goal Spot For Women, which is a community of women that help each other achieve personal and professional success via mentoring circles, individual coaching and personal development programs. She believes that publishing her upcoming book From Super Woman to Super Self along with her inspirational public speaking will allow her to reach out to an even wider audience of people looking for personal growth and empowerment.

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From Super Woman to Super Self


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Sophie Trpcevski may be known for her work as an inspirational speaker and empowerment coach, but she is now applying her passions and skills to her new book, From Super Woman to Super Self. With her desire to help others follow her motto “Believe, Do, Achieve” along with her wealth of experience as an educator, it seemed that publishing a book promoting personal growth and self awareness was a logical next step.

Sophie’s book From Super Woman to Super Self is a guide for women on how to achieve the ultimate happiness and success by becoming empowered to live life on their terms with passion and purpose — while being their authentic Super Self. With the media’s portrayal of the 21st century woman as nothing short of a super hero, it is no wonder many women feel they must be a “Super Woman” to live up to today’s standards. Sophie is here to help women realize that instead of becoming Super Woman, women must live the full potential of their “Super Self” — the authentic person inside each woman who is full of love, peace, joy, strength, abundance, and prosperity. As a tool, this book can help women to believe in themselves, do what it takes to find happiness, and achieve the success they truly deserve without compromising their integrity and self-worth. 

As the CEO of Mindscollective and The Goal Spot for Women and the Founder of The Teen Personal Excellence Program, Sophie has developed programs using a holistic approach that calls upon mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Sophie has equipped hundreds of students, entrepreneurs, and leaders within organisations to develop an empowering mindset using this holistic approach, leading to increased productivity and success in all areas of life. Sophie continues her work through her book From Super Woman to Super Self, for women who want to find success for themselves and their families by identifying their Super Self and letting go of the impossible standards of the Super Woman.

According to Sophie, “the quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” Because she is a Master Practitioner in Executive Coaching and specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistics, and the GENOS Model of Emotional Intelligence, Sophie is able to present both the scientific and the practical elements that allow women to empower themselves by letting go of self-limiting beliefs and fears and improving their relationship with themselves. Through her work as an educator of all ages, Sophie has discovered the power and importance of developing the emotional and social intelligence part of the brain in order to increase levels of self worth, confidence, and productivity. With this revelation in mind, Sophie is able to write about personal growth, empowerment, happiness, and success in such a way that women in today’s society can relate to and identify with.