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Susie Kliman

Susie Kliman

Susie has in her working life been both a devoted primary school teacher and in recent years, a respected social worker, but has always kept her love of writing. She has been composing poetry and prose for most of her life and currently assists with one of Australia’s leading heritage glass conservators, documenting stained glass windows and preparing written reports.

As a teacher, Susie taught prep, grade one and sixth grade and also provided music and physical education sessions for children from prep to grade six.

Susie retrained as a social worker when her children were in high school. She worked at the Montefiore Homes, which provides Residential Care for the elderly as well as providing community care. Susie made assessments by phone, office or home visits to assess emergency, financial or counseling needs and provided short -term case management until the appropriate services could start.

Susie has been self-publishing children’s books for her extended family for some years and hopes now to make her books more widely available. After undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2009, she reassessed what she wanted to be her life focus and realized the obvious choice was to devote her time to her life-long love of writing.   Jonathon’s Thongs, the story of a small boy who discovers something really mesmerizing about a pair of thongs, is her first commercial literary venture.

Whether for children or adults, Susie’s motivation is to write books that are fun to read, with a great rhythm and cadence to the text.

For children particularly, Susie finds that having fun through rhyme is a great way to promote their use of imagination and curiosity.

Teaching both prep and grade one, highlighted for her the types of books that little ones get really excited about and which ones, as a teacher, she loved to read aloud.

She has found that although not all children engage in learning in the same way or at the same rate, certain sounds and rhythms naturally catch most children’s attention.

So, once you have ‘their ear ‘, so to speak, learning can follow.

There are more books in the pipeline for Susie, including another children’s book, Welcome to the World.  This book is for new Mums or Dads to read with their very young baby to introduce them, at a very early stage, to the reassuring sound of the parent’s voice. 

There is also an off-the-wall picture book for adults in the wings.  The book deals with the life-changing experience of dealing with breast cancer.  It clearly and in a positive way, explains what to expect at different stages of treatment and illustrates how a sense of humor can help to buoy spirits during the travails of surgery and chemotherapy.


Esther Erlich

Esther Erlich has provided the wonderful illustrations for Jonathon’s Thongs. Esther is an accomplished artist, having won the prestigious Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 1998 and is a 4-time finalist in the Archibald Prize, winning the People’s Choice Award in 2000.  Her paintings have been exhibited widely throughout Australia and Asia, she has also shown in New York.  Esther’s work is represented in many private and public collections including the National Library and the National Portrait Gallery. 

Esther and Susie became great friends when they were six years old and continue to meet on a weekly basis, to talk and giggle about anything and everything.

About the book

One Breast, Two Breast



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Susie Kliman seeks to reframe the experience of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment with her new book, One Breast, Two Breast.

Susie presents her life-changing experience in a gentle picture-book format, using the humour and positive language that she found helped her to make each day more hopeful. With beautiful illustrations by established artist Esther Erlich, the book takes the mechanics of diagnosis and treatment and transforms them into a light but important read, filled with hope and humour.

Though not aimed specifically at children, this non-threatening and warm approach may help  children whose families are involved with cancer to gain some understanding and insight, in a safe and positive way.


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