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Suzanne and Vernon Crew

Sue and Vern are your average couple with seven children aged 6 to 36, a healthy curiosity about love, life, wine and whisky, and a firm belief that open and frank communication is the basis for a wonderful marriage and an inclusive family.  They feel they do pretty well in this regard. Especially with the whisky.

Vern is an educator and applied linguist and has survived teaching, academe and administration in primary schools, colleges and higher education institutions around the world.  After 10 years or so working in federal politics Sue now works in higher education as a policy advisor.  Both share a love of language, a passion for their field, a devotion to their family, a ludicrous sense of humour and a lifetime commitment to each other.

Zits, Tits and Boy Bits: the teenage boys guide to avoiding lifes little &#%!@-ups is the product of their quest to provide one of their children with answers to some very good questions, not all of which were entirely suitable for dinner table conversation…….

About the book

Zits, Tits and Boys’ Bits


Warning: Contains teen/adult themes. 15 years and over recommended

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Illustrations by Miles Harper
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Zits, Tits and Boys’ Bits: the teenage boy’s guide to avoiding life’s little &#%!@-ups is a short, sharp and humorous source of information for the teenage boy on life's big mysteries - girls, love, sex, school, drinking, friendship and the role of family.

The authors, between them parents of seven children, have compiled answers to many of the questions they’ve received over the years from their own children and added sage advice on topics they wish they’d covered in more detail, not all of which are entirely suitable for dinner table conversation…….

Are you a teenager who wants to know the answers to such questions as:

"Do rangas have red pubes?"
"What's the go with nipple hair?"
"Why does the teacher pick on me when I sit up the back?"
"What the #%^* does she mean by she just wants to be friends?"

Are you a parent who wants to open up communication with their child or finds it hard to talk frankly about such things such as stiffies, boobs, drinking and boy grunting?

Are you still bewildered as to why your partner still behaves the way he does?

If so, this is the book for you.

Tits, Zits and Boys’ Bits will de-mystify the age old clichés of  'Treat girls right', 'Be a man', ‘Grow some balls’, ‘You’ll be right’ and hopefully provide the odd tip on to what it means to be a good friend, good boyfriend, and in time a good lover in every sense of the word. 

All boys have enormous potential to grow into good men.  This book will give them a head start.

Warning: Contains teen/adult themes. 15 years and over recommended