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Tim Healy

Tim Healy

Like all superhero authors, Tim Healy has an unassuming day job. By day he masquerades as a respectable IT Executive, and as a husband and father of three. The rest of the time, he’s a heroic writer of silly verse and champion of the ridiculous.

Brisbane born and bred, above all else he enjoys time with his family. He also enjoys music, gardening, and running. According to his children he also likes shouting at the TV. 

That said, don’t let looks fool you. No matter how he looks and what he does by day, a book such as this can only be the product of a very evil yet creative mind.

About the book

'Don’t Tell Mum'

Don’t Tell Mum

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Shhh! You must solemnly swear to use this wonderful collection of poetry only in non-mum settings! When it’s time for a bit of silly, stinky, crazy fun, dads can really shine (or smell!).

Tim Healy’s collection of verse is a dad-friendly zone, taking a hilarious approach to all the yucky (and fun) things that mum just may not care for.

Springing from real-life scenarios, and some fantastical creations of fiction too, Don’t Tell Mum is a great way for dads to get stuck into the fun of reading and rhyme with their kids, all while touching on subjects dads can relate to. Tim wants dads to get silly with their kids, and relieve some of the seriousness that can come along with being a modern father.