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James Ellis

James Ellis

With a life-long love of all things fantastical and adventurous, it was only natural that James Ellis would turn his hand to penning his own tales of wonder and suspense.  This new addition to the stable of authors at Aly’s Books has an eye for the artistic, and wide and varied tastes in everything from music to literature, and drawing on the stories that mesmerized him as a child, James promises to be one to watch in the world of children’s books.

Not only does he write his wondrous tales, but he illustrates them too, a rich cycle of creativity that makes for a singular vision that enthralls readers.

About the book

A Snail’s Tale

A Snails Tale

A Snail’s Tale is $21.50 plus shipping & handling and is currently in pre-sales.

Australian buyers: up to three copies

International buyers: single copies

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Sharla the snail is a bit on the quiet side, not entirely sure of herself and her place in the world. All that is about to change, however, when Sharla sets off on a rescue mission that even the boldest of creatures would find terrifying! Sharla will meet new friends along the way, face challenges she never thought she could triumph over, and might just discover herself and the unique patterns of her personality along the way.

This stand out story from new author James Ellis is an uplifting journey, showing that even the quietest of us has beauty and individuality beneath the surface. With an emphasis on the beauty of finding a place to belong, this story is sure to be a firm family favourite, and a great classroom read.