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Sara Saunders

Herald Sun Saturday columnist, mummy blogger and early childhood lecturer Sara Saunders is a writer with passion, and has a real commitment to helping prepare children to be critical thinking citizens of the future.

Raised in country Australia, Sara was a keen netballer, dancer and water skier, but she also wrote – she created lengthy and wonderful stories for her parents to read. Flash forward to the present day, and Sara has built on her love for action and getting things done, funneling her creative spirit and passion for conservation into writing for children.

Sara hopes to encourage children to become capable, involved citizens of the world, without losing their childhood wonder or sense of silliness!

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There once was an Orangutan…

There once was an Orangutan…

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There once was an Orangutan, and that Orangutan had something to say! Before we find out what wise words the Orangutan has for us, we meet a host of amazing animals that need our help to survive in a dangerous, perilous world – will you help the animals live to tell the tale?

Sara Saunders has crafted a fun, fanciful story, and filled it with creatures big and small – some we see every day, others are steeped in mystery. With a strong focus on conservation, Sara has created a tale that will help children see their place in the fight to keep the animals of the world safe.

Perfect for family story time or classroom work on conservation, There once was an Orangutan is a wonderful resource, and a great way to teach kids that what they do can impact even the tiniest of lives around them.