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Marie-Louise Aicoboaie

Marie-Louise Aicoboaie

Marie-Louise Aicoboaie wears many hats—mother of two, uni student, entrepreneur, storyteller. She can now add "author". She was inspired in part by her 4-year-old daughter (and biggest fan), Adelaide, to publish her work. Lala is a Unicorn, is her daughter's bedtime story of choice. And we are so glad Marie-Louise decided to share it!

Marie-Louise immigrated to Australia with her family as a child, which was a long and challenging process. With her European heritage, she has experienced, first-hand, the struggle between self-acceptance and assimilating into a new culture. Through her writing and endeavours, Marie-Louise hopes to inspire her children, and others to embrace their uniqueness and remember they are not alone in this world.

Amongst the chaos of young family life, Marie-Louise cherishes the moments of silence in which she can work on her studies and penning stories. Children's literature is not the only genre she writes in. We look forward to seeing some Young Adult Fiction in the future as well!

About the book

Lala is a Unicorn

Lala is a Unicorn

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Costumes aren't just for kids. Unicorns like playing dressing up too. Playing dress-ups is more than a game for Lala the unicorn; it is about finding where she belongs. Lala searches for acceptance in costumes, disguising her true self. Though she always gets caught. Will Lala discover family and a place among mermaids or fairies? Or, will she finally realise she can only find this by being herself?

Mystical creatures awaken the imagination. It is magic that rekindles our belief that anything is possible. Lala is a Unicorn is a story that reminds children that while games and pretending can be fun, being yourself is incredible too. It highlights the importance of self-acceptance and celebrates the magic of uniqueness. What started as her daughter's favourite bed-time story has now become Marie-Louise Aicoboaie's debut children's book. And, we sure hope Lala is a Unicorn is a promise of more to come.